What are the best advantages of a phone contract?

Choosing between buying a phone upfront or applying for a phone contract to leverage the phone’s price is common dilemma most users have to deal with. Whether it’s your first time applying for a contract or your current contract is about to expire, the decision can be tough. There are experts who say that you shouldn’t get a phone contract because of the high cost. There are also those who endorse phone contracts because of the potential savings.

With conflicting recommendations, how do you know which is the best option for you? Rather than follow an expert advice or a rule, it really boils down to what’s suitable for your needs at the end of the day. If you want a phone contract, for instance, here are key advantages that may help you decide.

Free handset

If you want a new handset, a phone contract can give you that at a cheaper price or for free. If you’re a new subscriber, you can choose a new phone without paying for it upfront but instead pay for it on a monthly basis for the duration of the plan’s contract. If you’re an existing subscriber and you wish to upgrade for another 2-year contract, you can get a free phone in the process.

Bundled plans

With phone contracts, you also get to avail a bundled plan, which include allowances for your call, text and data services. There are also carriers that offer bundled services that may include broadband, landline phone service and even streaming media. Provided that you pick the right plan, you have the potential to save more money on your phone bill month after month.

If you’re hoping to save even more money, you can also check out family or group plans. You can enlist family and friends to apply for a group plan where you can enjoy cheaper rates.

Replacement plans

High-end handsets can be very costly. If you bought yours upfront and lose it somewhere, you also lose your money in a snap especially if you didn’t get any insurance. When you opt for a phone contract, you get access to different cell phone insurance plans. If you lose or damage your phone, you may get a replacement depending on the type of insurance plan you have.

Latest handset choices

If you have good credit and you can provide proof of sufficient income, you can enjoy access to a wide assortment of cell phones including the latest handsets from big brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and more. If you want the latest iPhone, for example, you can avail said phone then choose a bundle plan well suited for your monthly needs.

Number portability

Another advantage is number portability. If your contract is about to expire and you’re thinking of switching to another carrier, you can still keep your original number. You cannot enjoy the same advantage if you’re not a contract subscriber.

Fast networks

If you’re a heavy mobile user and you often use your phone for Internet browsing or streaming then you need a fast network or data service. You get access to different network services when you’re a phone contract subscriber. From 3G to 4G and LTE coverage, you can choose your data plans accordingly so you’ll always enjoy a fast and reliable service. You can also opt for unlimited data plans depending on your needs.

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