Your Quick Guide to No Credit Check Mobile Phones

If you have bad credit and you’ve been trying to get a phone contract but to no avail, then you’ve probably heard about no credit check mobile phones. As the name suggests, these phones are ideal for users with bad credit issues. There are no credit checks involved hence processing of your phone application is ultra fast. In fact, same day processing is a guarantee most providers now offer. But before you get too excited and sign up for a deal online, here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

About no credit check phones

No credit check phones work just like your typical contract phone. You will have an option to choose your handset as part of the contract plan in addition to a bundle service that covers your call, text and data allowances. Once approved for this type of deal, you’ll be paying a fixed monthly fee for a set period of time. Most provides offer contract terms of 12 months, 24 months or even as long as 36 months.

Advantages of no credit check phones

No credit check phones continue to gain popularity across UK thanks to the following advantages:

  • No credit check – The best thing about no credit check phones is the fact that providers no longer run credit checks on applicants. If you have bad credit and can’t get a contract phone elsewhere, this alternative offers an easy way out.
  • Handset option – You also get to choose a handset as part of the phone plan. You don’t have to buy a handset upfront but you can get one as part of the phone deal. The phone’s cost is leveraged over the course of the contract term. To check out available handsets you can choose from, check out this site.
  • Upgrade option – Once your contract is close to its expiration date, you will have an option to upgrade to a better plan. Provided that you were a responsible subscriber and you paid your dues on time, you can choose a better handset and a more generous bundle plan.
  • Cheaper phone service rates – With the bundle plan feature, you can enjoy cheaper rates on your call, text and data rates. The trick is to find a suitable bundle that is perfectly suited for your monthly needs.

Disadvantages of no credit check phones

It’s not all pros when it comes to no credit check phones. Here are some of the disadvantages you need to keep in mind:

  • Limited handset choices – Since these are no credit offers, the handset selection is usually limited. You may not be able to choose a high-end handset for your phone deal considering that you have a bad credit score.
  • Higher monthly fees – Monthly fees may be more expensive than if you have good credit because providers are taking higher risks with customers who have bad credit issues. They compensate for the risks by increasing the monthly fees.
  • Lengthy contract – Let’s not forget the lengthy contract. You will be hooked to your provider for a year or two where you pay a higher monthly fee.

Is it for you?

No credit check mobile phones, as you can see, are handy alternatives to traditional phone contracts. It has the advantages and disadvantages of a typical phone contract and it’s perfect for people who cannot avail a contract elsewhere due to a poor credit history. While more expensive and handset choices are limited, the deal is a stepping stone until you can boost your credit score and switch to a better phone plan.

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